Fiona Roberts

My work focuses on the challenges we face by inhabiting a body that is constantly changing, decaying and regenerating, as well as the fragility and limitations that are intrinsic to all living organisms.  Within this, I explore the dysfunctional relationship between the mind and body, and in particular, the mind’s discordant perception of the body, which includes concepts of dislocation, emotional projection, fluctuating perceptions, fears, phobias and paranoia. Thus, with the body set as a canvas for trauma, my work becomes a series of flesh events that are visceral, tactile and faintly haunting.


Musing by aaronmiller


3D Glass paintings by Chinese painter Xia Xiao Wan. Xia creates pieces that appear to be floating using technique consists of using special pencils, tinted glass, and 14 to 30 glass panes.


Leonard Freed: Naples, Italy, 1958 

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J. C. Leyendecker, Flying in Style, 1909